They tell me unlock this door. Curiosity becomes a scream, what could be behind it? Behind this door stands a piano, the keys are dusty, the strings are out of tune. Behind this door she sits at the piano, but she doesn't play anymore. Oh, that was so long ago... She said to me I'll always stay with you but that was just what it seemed, she only played for me. I poured her blood into the fire of my rage, I locked the door, they asked for her. There, at the piano, I listened to her and when her play began I held my breath. There, at the piano, I stood beside her. It seemed she just played for me alone. The door is open, oh, how they scream... I hear the mother pleading, the father is beating me. They take her from the piano and no one believes me here that I am deathly ill from sorrow and the stench. There, at the piano, she listened to me and when my play began she held her breath.

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Wenn ihr nicht schlafen könnt
sei euch ein Lied vergönnt
Und der Himmel bricht
Ein Lied fällt weich vom Himmelslicht
Wir sind für die Musik geboren
Wir sind die Diener eurer Ohren
Immer wenn ihr traurig seid
spielen wir für euch

Rammstein - Ein Leid